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The XEMA reversible harness has replaced the Energy Cross harness. The integrated spiral-spring pre-fills the airbag which provides excellent protection right from the first take off steps. We have been able to optimize the wearing comfort of the Rucksack and managed to make the harness overall more comfortable and lighter.

For everyone who wants to combine advanced airbag technology with little weight, excellent carrying comfort and comfortable flying. The XEMA is suitable for several kinds of pilots: from leisure to cross country pilots.

The XEMA is a reversible lightweight harness that does not accept any compromises in safety, storage space and comfort. Standard- and light gliders up to size L can fit nicely into the XEMA. The airbag is pre-filled before the start due to a form stable Nitinol frame. The size of the rescue pocket is adjustable by using a zip which enables you to adapt the rescue pocket to your rescue. Especially designed buckles allow to change the seating position easily on the ground as well as during the flight. Several smart details such as the bungee rope for the Speed-Bar or an internal pocket for the Camel-Bag have been implemented. Optionally the LIGHTSHIELD back protector can be mounted to protect the upper back part.

1. Reversible harness
Sufficient storage space and carrying comfort at its best.

2. Safety from the first minute
The integrated airbag fills up automatically due to a spiral spring and offers safety from beginning on. The T-lock system keeps you safely in your seat.

3. Adjustable rescue compartment
The volume of the rescue pocket can be enlarged or reduced depending on the size of your rescue.

4. Additional protection
For retrofitting and for extra protection a back protector can be mounted.

5. Well stowed
On each side there is a pocket. The pockets are accessible during flight. Additionally the XEMA offers a large back compartment with elastic straps (i.e. for climbing sticks) in order to minimise the risk of injury.

Reversible harness

Max. load(Kg)
S/M/L/XL 120 kg

type of protection
Self -inflating airbag

S 3,7 kg
M 3,9 kg
L 4,1 kg
XL 4,3 kg

Net: 815.13 € 970.00 €
plus shipping costs delivery within 3-4 working days